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A Sisters' Trip to Saunton Sands

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I love spending time with my sister and it doesn’t happen nearly often enough, so in an attempt to remedy that I organised a little trip away to Devon for us so we could have a good ol’ catch up. I hadn’t long had my beagle Luna and although she’d had a quick foray into the land of the seaside once before, I was keen to give her the chance to run those cute, stumpy little legs up a big stretch of sand. My sister also had one of her three dogs in tow too, a newly fostered Lurcher called Aren who after being treated pretty terribly was now getting some much needed TLC. 

We were staying in north Devon not far from Combe Martin and were in search of a nearby dog friendly sandy beach. I remembered going to Saunton Sands many moons ago when I’d stayed at Croyde and after a quick google to check whether dogs were allowed (they were - yay) we loaded up my little Clio (Aren took up the entire boot) and off we went. 

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We pulled into the large car park at Saunton to find it bustling with surfers and walkers and beach goers alike. I was a little worried that the beach was going to be really busy but my worries were completely unfounded, well, sort of. There were lots of people there but I’d forgotten that Saunton Sands is massive. It’s a huge stretch of beach and there was more than enough room for everyone. In fact, after about twenty minutes of walking we pretty much had the sandy expanse in front of us to ourselves and it was awesome. 

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I was still keeping Luna on a long line at this point as we were doing lots of recall training but because there was no-one around I decided to give her a bit of freedom and boy did she embrace it. She was charging about like a crazy fiend. What is it about big open spaces that’s just so flipping exciting? The only issue was, Little Miss Beagle is a scent hound and since there isn’t a great deal to smell on the sand she started making a bee-line for the far off sand dunes so alas her stint of freedom was short lived. 

We walked for near to an hour and weren’t anywhere close to the other end of the beach. It really is an awesome plane of sand to walk up and there was just enough wind to make some pretty patterns in the sand but not cause it to be chilly at all. On our way back we walked closer to the dunes along the strand line and were sad to see lots of litter there. We picked up some, as always, I can’t not these days and Luna was doing a marvellous job of finding sea potatoes. She’s like a strand line sniffer dog, she found about ten of them. Due to their fragile nature she crushed about half of them but the rest I collected up. 

Back almost at the beginning of the beach we walked along a fantastic display of beach huts. All brightly coloured and almost a little gaudy looking but in a really cheerful, fun way. I do love a good beach hut and this was definitely a fine example of them. 

By the time we’d made it back to the car park it was early evening and we were both rather peckish so we sampled the delights of the little beach cafe. Chips and burgers were devoured back at the car with some longing looks coming from the pooches (don’t worry, they got a few chips). The car park was still as busy as when we’d arrived and looked like lots of people were heading down after work. Even though it wasn’t a bright sunny day it was obviously still a hot spot for locals and tourists alike.