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Polly Joke - more of a gem than a Joke

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When you go on holiday in October... in England... you don't expect much from the weather. So when it turn out to be absolutely glorious it feels like an extra special blessing. And that is exactly what I got the day I went to Polly Joke. 

I'd heard about Polly Joke from a colleague of mine who'd grown up in Cornwall and lived near this area. We'd actually been talking about Crantock but she said if I ever visited again to be sure to check out Polly Joke as she said that it’s a lesser known little gem of coastline. 

Mum and I had spent the morning wandering around the pretty gardens of Trerice and whilst picnicing in the car we pondered over our next move. We had much of the afternoon ahead of us still and were in the mood for some coast, of course. I remembered about Polly Joke and we decided to give it a go. 

We’d driven through the little town of Crantock, past the Bowgie Inn pub and a little further on out till we parked in what seemed to be a farmer’s field. After a quick squiz of my phone to check the vague direction we needed to go, we headed out on the footpath somewhat unsure how far away it would be but willing to enjoying the sights along the way. 

Well, Polly Joke is indeed an absolute little gem and a complete treat to find especially on a sunny and warm October day as there were only a few other people around. 

We made our way down to the beach and followed the stream heading out to sea. I honestly couldn't believe our luck, it was wonderful. A beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon spent paddling in the sea, sitting on the rocks and soaking up as much of that vitamin D and Sea as possible. 

Sadly a little cloud of Melancholy set in with the realisation that this may be the last time this year I'd get to do this. 

As we said farewell to the beach we decided to take to coast path back up and enjoyed the views across to Crantock. As we ambled along we made plans to return to this spot next year return do a little trek from Crantock to Holywell passing through Polly Joke on our way.