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Porthleven - "Nauti but Ice"

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By the time that we pulled into the little car park in Porthleven it was getting pretty late in the day and the rain that we'd done so well to avoid at Kynance Cove finally found us here. We'd stumbled upon this little place a few times before and there was something about it's simple row of shops and harbour that always seems quite unique to me. But then every place that I visit in Cornwall seems to be so incredibly unique and be loaded with bags of character. 

So far in our week away we hadn't yet enjoyed the delights of a classic cream tea and so, seeking refuge from the rain we decided that that was exactly what we needed. I remembered that there was a lovely cafe midway along the row of shops so we headed there and to our delight, not only was the cafe still in place but it had had a bit of a revamp and was now named "Nauti but Ice". Brilliant. A seaside themed play on words certainly isn't lost on me. 

It was just as we were tucking into our scrummy scones that I started to feel quite unwell. I think I'd tried to cram perhaps a bit too much into our days and was waning a little so we decided that we would pottle back along the shops and make our way back to the caravan. Obviously not before stopping to take a few pics to try and capture the charms of this place. It was a somewhat fleeting visit but I was glad to have returned and added a fresh batch of memories of Porthleven in my mind.